Convex products are available as either one-piece or two-piece products. Soft convexity applies light pressure to the area around the stoma and, as a result, pushes the stoma outwards, reducing the risk of leaks. A stoma support belt can also be used with these convex products, for extra security. These products should only be used on the recommendation of a qualified Stoma Care Nurse. People with a stoma who are using convex products should be reviewed annually.

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Mouldable Seals

These are used to fill creases and dips, extend wear-time and to help provide additional peristomal skin protection. These Mouldable Seals are suitable for any make or style of pouch and all stoma types and are very easy to mould, shape to fit and place in position (and no need to warm). The seals can easily be broken into smaller pieces, if required and are skin-friendly, with no sting, and will adhere to wet skin.

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Mouldable Seals with Aloe

Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe are extremely mouldable seals. They help to prevent leaks that cause sore skin by moulding to the exact shape and size of your stoma. Following the contours of the abdomen to help create a customised, comfortable, leak-resistant seal, Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe are infused with extracts of Aloe Vera to create a skin-friendly ring that may help protect the skin from redness and irritation. Helping to extend wear-time, Salts Mouldable Seals with Aloe are ideal for people living with a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy.

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Stoma Collar

A unique stoma collar that helps to form a leak proof barrier around the base of the stoma, helping to prevent output from coming into contact with the skin. It’s suitable for use with all types of stoma and all types of products. It is important for the person with a stoma to use the correct size stoma collar to suit their stoma. A measuring tool is available from 

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Aloe Rings

Aloe rings can be stretched to accommodate moderately oval stomas. They retain their shape for a secure, comfortable fit. These seals are discreet and low-profile, at only 1.8mm thick, and there is no need for any initial warming or moulding – all you need to do is simply apply straight over the stoma. The Aloe rings are suitable for any make or style of products and all stoma types and are skin-friendly, with no sting and will adhere to wet skin.

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Flange Extenders

Flange extenders are strips of hydrocolloid used to ‘picture frame’ the product adhesive. Providing extra adhesive and aiding better security.

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View Salts Flange Extenders with Aloe


Barrier Films/Wipes

Impregnated protective wipes or foam applicators are used on peristomal skin which is broken, sore or weepy. NB: Creams are not recommended in place of wipes as they reduce adhesion.

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Adhesive Remover Spray/Wipes

Adhesive removers are designed to allow easy removal of the pouch without causing trauma to the skin. They are available in wipes or sprays.

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Stoma Paste

Stoma pastes are used to fill in defects around the stoma when the person with the stoma experiences difficulties in obtaining a seal due to creases or dips in the skin being present.

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