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Salts Healthcare offers a range of stoma care additional products that help ostomists to combat the most common problems, such as sore skin, leaks, adhesion, residue, odour and skin protection.

Product information

NEW CONFIDENCE BE® Adjustable Ostomy Support Belts

The New CONFIDENCE BE® adjustable belts complement our CONFIDENCE BE® SOFT CONVEX bags. Compatible with the majority of convex stoma bags on the market, our Adjustable Ostomy Belts provide added security for your peace of mind.

- Available in all 3 colours: Black, White and Stone

- Adjustable to: 100cm (39”)

Ostomy belts are used to support the weight of the ostomy bag reducing stress on the body, helping to keep your bag in place, and thereby reducing leakages and skin irritation. If you are experiencing problems with your convex or two-piece stoma bags, please seek advice from your stoma care nurse who will be able to assess if wearing an ostomy belt can help reduce complications. Belts are also suitable for people who have a more physical lifestyle or occupation.

Our ostomy belts are designed to be reused multiple times. We suggest hand washing in warm water using your usual non-bleaching washing detergent and wrapping in a towel to remove excess water. Do not tumble dry as this may cause shrinkage. For best results allow to air dry only, this will help extend the lifetime of your belt.


Product sizing & order codes:

Product details Order Code Pack Size  
Black - Confidence® BE Adjustable Ostomy Belt - 100cm BB01B Add to Order
White - Confidence® BE Adjustable Ostomy Belt - 100cm BB01W Add to Order
Stone - Confidence® BE Adjustable Ostomy Belt - 100cm BB01ST Add to Order

Types of Additional Products

We pride ourselves on developing ostomy products which offer quality of life for those people living with a stoma. We offer a wide range of additional products, including our skin barrier film foam, mouldable seals, adhesive remover sprays and much more.