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Why Confidence BE® Closed?

Available in a choice of black, white and stone for the first time, Confidence BE® has a unique filter design that helps to reduce ballooning, pancaking and odour. The sticky, yet gentle Flexifit® wafer, infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, has thinner edges to prevent rolling and a thicker, more absorbent core. Made from highly water-repellent material, the no-rustle cover dries very quickly, and blue guided touchpoints make the stoma bag easy to use, even for those with poor eyesight and dexterity.

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Be Coordinated

Closed and drainable bags are available in black, white and stone to offer choice.

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Be Comfortable

Dual-thickness wafer stays secure, with no lifting or rolling.

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Be Discreet

Intelligent Active Chamber Filter System helps prevent ballooning, pancaking and odour.

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Be Able

Blue tab on the new, white easy-peel release is easier to see and use.

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Be Active

Highly water-repellent material dries quickly and helps prevent perspiration.

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Be Quiet

No-rustle cover is quieter than ever before.

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Be Confident

Sleek fabric with anti-sag stitching keeps its shape.

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“No ballooning. No need to get up in the night”


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Colostomy bags are worn by those who have recently had colostomy surgery. Initially you will be wearing a drainable stoma bag as your stool may be liquid. The bag will most likely be transparent or have a viewing window, so that your Stoma Care Nurses can check on the colour and size of your stoma easily.


Your Stoma Care Nurse may advise you to begin to use a closed stoma bag after a few days after your surgery, which requires changing rather than emptying.

We offer a wide range of one-piece colostomy bags and two-piece colostomy bags designed to make life easier with innovative features for greater comfort, flexibility and security. We have a range of colostomy supplies for you to sample from.


Our one-piece colostomy product range includes:

  • Confidence BE®
  • Confidence BE® Soft Convex
  • Confidence® Natural Advance
  • Confidence® Natural
  • Confidence® Natural Soft Convex
  • Confidence® Convex Supersoft


Our two-piece colostomy product range includes;

  • Harmony Duo with Flexifit® and Aloe
  • Harmony® Duo Convex with Flexifit® and Aloe


Both our one-piece and two-piece closed stoma bags are available in flat and convex.

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