Anatomy and Physiology: The digestive system and urinary system

These images can be downloaded, printed and used to discuss the digestive and urinary systems and the effect of a patient’s planned surgery on their own digestive or urinary system.


The Digestive System

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The Urinary System

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Colorectal & Urostomy Surgery Explained

Within this section of the website, we have created downloadable images which can be printed and used to detail the exact surgery which a patient shall be undergoing.

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Pre-Operative Trainer Packs

When you are siting a patient for their stoma, you may find it helpful to provide them with a pre-op trainer pack. The Salts Healthcare pack contains everything that is required to trial wearing a stoma bag prior to surgery, including filling the bag so that it feels a little more realistic.

The pack includes one of our ‘You and Your’ booklets (relevant to the stoma type: colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy), and a guide showing how to attach the ‘fake’ stoma and stoma bag.

To order our pre-op packs, please contact your local Salts Healthcare Territory Manager or call Freephone 0800 028 8014 (0800 626388 in Scotland). Alternatively you can e-mail:


Ostomy Glossary of Terms

There are many words and terms used during a patient’s journey to having a stoma which will be completely new to them, and possibly difficult to understand and indeed remember. This is why we included a ‘glossary of terms’ within our ‘You and Your’ booklets.

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Easy Read Booklet - Learning Difficulties

This booklet, called 'My Ileostomy & Me' was designed by Harriet Sealey, one of our Medilink Nursing Team, with 'easy read' for those with learning disabilaties. 

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Information for patients: Before Surgery, After Surgery and Living With a Stoma

There are in-depth sections on our website covering each stage of the patient journey through having a stoma created. This information can be accessed as and when patients feel ready to read and digest the sections.

Before your stoma surgery

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After your
stoma surgery

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Living with a stoma

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Patient Information Leaflets

Our Medilink® Dispensing and Home Delivery Service offers a series of leaflets which can be used to help explain the following treatments:

- How chemotherapy might affect your stoma
- Eating a low fibre or residue diet
- Taking loperamide
- Use of topical steroids for peristomal skin conditions
- How to change your appliance

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Translated Stoma Advice

Does your patient speak a different language? We have wide range of translated pdfs on an overview of stoma care advice.

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Ileo Anal Pouch Resource Pack

The Ileo-Anal Pouch has become the ‘gold standard’ for surgical management of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP). Written by healthcare professionals, this resource pack is designed to help those caring for ileo-anal pouch patients and provides valuable help in overcoming common problems.

Download Ileo Anal Pouch Resource Leaflets

We have included the individual leaflets from within the pack which you might find helpful to give to your ileo anal pouch patients:

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