Closed bag

When will my colostomy start to work?

Your colostomy will usually start to work within a few days of your operation. You will have no control over when it works and may not be aware of it happening. Your colostomy may produce wind, sometimes noisy!

Your stool will thicken as you start to eat and the noisy wind generally decreases.

Your Stoma Care Nurse may advise you to begin to use a closed (non-drainable) bag which requires changing rather than emptying.

After a few weeks, most people choose to change their bag following a bowel motion. This can generally be between one and four times per day. This variance is normal and is personal to you. If you were prone to constipation prior to your surgery, you may well experience it again. It is recommended you follow general advice to prevent constipation.

If your rectum has not been removed, you may still feel like you need to go to the toilet via your anus. This is perfectly normal. When you do sit on the toilet you may well pass some old stool and/or possibly some mucus.

If you have had your rectum removed and anus closed, there is a possibility you may experience ‘Phantom Rectum’. This is a sensation of wanting to open your bowel in the usual way. It may help to sit on the toilet until the sensation has passed.