Why is my stoma bleeding?

The bowel has a very good blood supply, which is why the stoma is pink/red in colour. Whilst cleaning your stoma, a small amount of bleeding on the cloth is to be expected.

What should you do if you notice blood in or around your stoma?

First, you should examine your stoma and determine where blood is coming from. Then with a clean, dry pad gently press the spot of blood. This usually stops the bleeding. If minor bleeding continues for more than a few minutes, please contact your Stoma Care Nurse for advice and support. 

If there is an excessive amount of blood in your bag, please contact your Stoma Care Nurse.

What if there is blood in your stoma bag?

If you see blood inside your stoma bag and/or in your stool you should contact your Stoma Care Nurse or GP. If you take anticoagulants such as; Warfarin or Aspirin this may increase your risk of bleeding.

Please note: If the bleeding is heavy, persistent or comes from the inside of the stoma you should seek urgent advice from your Stoma Care Nurse or GP.


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