Product Information

Harmony® Duo with Flexifit® & Aloe is a popular choice for those who enjoy the convenience of a two-piece system with the discretion of a one-piece. The stick together range features our unique patented convex Flexifit® wafer shape, infused with extracts of Aloe Vera, developed specifically for those with flush or retracted stomas.

  • Our unique patented Flexifit® wafer bends and flexes with movement. It is designed to help create an adaptable fit around the stoma to help reduce leaks and sore skin.
  • Wafer infused with extracts of Aloe Vera.
  • Easy-to-apply stick-together system with locator which matches up with a notch on the bag for accurate positioning.
  • Comfortable and durable beige cover with transparent overlap to help with viewing and positioning.
  • We only use skin-friendly hydrocolloids, research into which is recognised by the British Skin Foundation, and dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

Product sizes and sample ordering

To order a sample of the Harmony® Duo Convex with Flexifit® & Aloe or any of the other products we supply, then simply click on the order sample button at the end of the relevant row. If you are unsure which product samples to order, then simply use our contact form and let us know your requirements.

Product Details Order Code Pack Size  
Bag - Small - 13-32mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDDS1332 30 Add to Order
Bag - Small - 13-70mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDDS1370 30 Add to Order
Bag - Standard Bag - 13-32mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDD1332 30 Add to Order
Bag - Standard Bag - 13-50mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDD1350 30 Add to Order
Bag - Standard Bag - 13-70mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDD1370 10 Add to Order
Bag - Large Bag - 13-32mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDDL1332 30 Add to Order
Bag - Large Bag - 13-50mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDDL1350 30 Add to Order
Bag - Large Bag - 13-70mm - Transparent/Overlap - - HDDL1370 30 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 21mm - - - 1332 XFHD21† 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 13-25mm - - - 1332 XFHD1325* 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 13-38mm - - - 1350 XFHD1338* 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 13-52mm - - - 1370 XFHD1352* 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 25mm - - - 1332 XFHD25† 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 28mm - - - 1332 XFHD28† 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 32mm - - - 1350 XFHD32†† 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 35mm - - - 1350 XFHD35†† 5 Add to Order
Wafer - Convex Wafers - 38mm - - - 1350 XFHD38†† 5 Add to Order

Product Information

Ileostomy bags are worn by those who have recently had ileostomy surgery. After your surgery you will be wearing a drainable stoma bag which will most likely be transparent or have a viewing window, so that your Stoma Care Nurses can check on the colour and size of your stoma easily.

The nurses will empty your stoma bag until you are feeling well enough to do this yourself. You may have drips and drainage tubes attached to your body, but there is no reason to be alarmed – this is quite normal. These will all be removed when appropriate and with very little discomfort.

Types of drainable stoma bags

We offer a wide range of one-piece ileostomy bags and two-piece ileostomy bags designed to make life easier with innovative features for greater comfort, flexibility and security. We have a range of ileostomy products for you to sample from.

Our one-piece ileostomy product range includes:

  • Confidence BE®
  • Confidence BE® Soft Convex
  • Confidence® Natural Advance
  • Confidence® Natural
  • Confidence® Natural Soft Convex
  • Confidence® Convex Supersoft
  • Confidence® Comfort Neonatal/Paediatric with Flexifit®

Our two-piece ileostomy product range includes:

  • Harmony® Duo with Flexifit® and Aloe
  • Harmony® Duo Convex with Flexifit® and Aloe

Both our one-piece and two-piece drainable stoma bags are available in flat and convex.


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