Drainable stoma bags

We offer a wide range of one- and two- piece drainable stoma bags designed to make life easier by featuring innovative features for greater comfort, flexibility and security. Our skin friendly hydrocolloids are recognised by the British Skin Foundation and accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and are developed to protect the delicate skin around your stoma.

Product information

For those who require it, Confidence® Convex Supersoft offers a slightly firmer level of convexity than our popular Confidence® Natural Soft Convex product. The wafer is designed to be flexible and comfortable.


Drainable Features:

  • Comfortable and flexible wafer with gentle convex insert.
  • The skin-friendly formulation is dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance and our research into hydrocolloids is recognised by the British Skin Foundation - sharing skin care credentials with Britain’s leading brands.
  • Belt loops for extra security.
  • The outlet rolls up to a secure closure with hook-and-loop wings.
  • Discreet closure tucks up under the soft cover and is securely held in place by hidden hook material, for extra comfort and security.
  • Beige cover with transparent overlap for easy viewing and positioning.

Product sizes and sample ordering

To order a sample of the Confidence® Convex Supersoft or any of the other drainable products we supply, then simply click on the order sample button at the end of the relevant row. If you are unsure which product samples to order, then simply use our contact form and let us know your requirements.

Product details Order Code Pack Size  
Standard - 25mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS25 10 Add to Order
Standard - 28mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS28 10 Add to Order
Standard - 13-25mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS1325 10 Add to Order
Standard - 32mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS32 10 Add to Order
Standard - 13-38mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS1338 10 Add to Order
Standard - 35mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS35 10 Add to Order
Standard - 13-52mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS1352 10 Add to Order
Standard - 38mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS38 10 Add to Order
Standard - 41mm - Pre-cut hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSS41 10 Add to Order
Large - 13-25mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSL1325 10 Add to Order
Large - 13-38mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSL1338 10 Add to Order
Large - 13-52mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSL1352 10 Add to Order
Small - 13-25mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSS1325 10 Add to Order
Small - 13-38mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSS1338 10 Add to Order
Small - 13-52mm - Starter hole - Transparent/Overlap CDSSS1352 10 Add to Order

Types of Ileostomy Bags

We pride ourselves on developing ileostomy products which offer quality of life for people who are living with a stoma. We offer 2 types of drainable stoma bag products – one-piece and two-piece bags:

One-Piece Bags

The designers here at Salts listened to people’s concerns and have created a state of the art product range with clever features designed to address concerns with filters, leakage, pancaking, ballooning, and the lack of personal choice called Confidence® BE. This one-piece stoma bag can help you be what you want to be, feel comfortable in your own skin, be confident and be free to live your life.

We also supply other one-piece flat wafer and convex wafer stoma bags including our Confidence® Natural, Natural Advance, Soft Convex, Supersoft and Comfort Neonatal/Paediatric with Flexifit® ranges.

Two-Piece Bags

Our two-piece range comes in the form of our Harmony® Duo range which is available with Flexifit® or our Convex with Flexifit® and Aloe.

Ileostomy Support

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking for more information and support on living with an ileostomy, then please read our ileostomy surgery guides, which includes helpful information you may need before and after your ileostomy surgery.