What is ballooning?

Ballooning occurs when your stoma bag blows up with wind. This is usually due to the filter becoming wet or blocked from stoma output. This can cause the bag to come away from the body.

Please note: Stoma ballooning can happen with a colostomy or occasionally with an ileostomy.

How to prevent ballooning

If you are experiencing ballooning you could try implementing the following tips, which may help:

If you are using a filter cover, try removing it. The next thing is to consider your fluid and dietary intake:

  • Spicy foods, some vegetables (onions, cabbage, peas, and beans) and fizzy drinks have been known to increase wind, so try to avoid these
  • Avoid drinking with your meal as this can cause you to swallow excess air.
  • Eating regular meals will reduce the build-up of wind.
  • Do not chew chewing gum and avoid smoking, as both these activities increase the amount of air we ingest.

Please note: If you continue to have ballooning issues with your stoma bag, you should contact your Stoma Care Nurse for further advice and support.

Top tips to help reduce stoma bag ballooning

Below you will be able find a video to help you reduce ballooning. These top tips to help reduce ballooning have been provided by Michaela Parker. Michaela is a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Salts Healthcare.

Watch the video here:


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