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Find your next patient meeting

Throughout the year, we run a series of free events all over the UK, giving talks and advice on the issues that affect you every day.

Suzanne’s Story

We meet Suzanne on a windy, but bright, day at Fountains Abbey near Ripon. You can’t help but be inspired by this lady who, and she won’t mind us saying this, has been through some terrible experiences. This is her story...

Dream Team

Ian’s girlfriend Corrina has helped him through major ground-breaking surgery. Together, they both spoke to Linkline about Ian’s countless operations and how their friendship makes them the ‘dream team’.

His & Hers

Husband and wife Mike and Maggie both have a stoma. Both were extremely poorly, but they are amazingly positive about life, and their beloved family.

Salts Healthcare’s New Look

We are proud to launch new corporate branding which will change the way things look. Our new style which went live on our updated website at the beginning of July, will soon be rolled out across our product packaging, literature and stationery.


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