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#CelebrateOstomy on World Ostomy Day!

In order to celebrate World Ostomy Day, we created a campaign calling out to all Ostomates to send in a video of themselves talking about life with a stoma.

Transforming Lives: Roger meets Rich

Roger, a Salts and Medilink customer, met with Salts Product Engineer, Rich Edwards. They first met at a focus group back in November 2016 to discuss Confidence Be®.

Stepping out with a Stoma Care Nurse

Congestion, parking charges and one of the World ’s largest cities…how do you battle with everything London can throw at you and still see your patients?


With a family of four, soon to be six, pregnant 37-year-old Stephanie was using two types of bags. One because she liked the aesthetics, the other to soothe her sore skin after using the former. She couldn’t find the perfect bag that did everything…until now.

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Throughout the year, we run a series of free events all over the UK, giving talks and advice on the issues that affect you every day.

Suzanne’s Story

We meet Suzanne on a windy, but bright, day at Fountains Abbey near Ripon. You can’t help but be inspired by this lady who, and she won’t mind us saying this, has been through some terrible experiences. This is her story...

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