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Confidence BE® Urostomy: The Innovation Story

We’ve recently launched Confidence BE® Urostomy and Night Drainage Bag– a complete urostomy solution cleverly designed to solve the most pressing challenges faced by people living with a urostomy. We recognise it is a product that was hugely anticipated and long awaited.

‘The bar was set very high’ for this new urostomy solution, following the launch of Confidence BE®, back in 2017, but it was so important for us to get it right and deliver something truly innovative to improve many lives.

“It’s been a challenge, but we wanted to do better”.

Our design team knew that we couldn’t create and develop a product for the sake of it. One key insight they had was that people living with a urostomy felt they didn’t have the same access to products as closed/drainable users did.

 It was only through spending the time to speak with multiple different people that they could gain the insights and information they needed to make sure they were meeting needs that were currently unmet. It was about finding out what was important to them and developing a complete solution.

“Let’s talk about the features on the urostomy bag”.

A lot of successful features from our Confidence BE® range were taken and integrated into this new solution, but there were so many more urostomy specific innovations. The new outlet is designed to be discreet without compromising on usability. The sleek, low-profile tuckaway feature gives the appearance of a closed bag and the team haven’t shied away from a bigger outlet for ease of use.

Another simple solution worth changing was a rotating and detachable bung – it can now rotate upwards to avoid flow of urine and can detach and attached to either side.

“We also developed a new Night Drainage Bag”.

Not only did we launch a new urostomy bag, but also a new Night Drainage Bag designed to work in harmony with the urostomy bag. The design team have developed an entire solution delivered by both Confidence BE® Urostomy bag and the Night Drainage Bag working in harmony together.

They understood that there were many challenges to resolve with it being a product you take to bed and sleep with such as comfort, ease of use, and discreetness.

The new softer tubing helps make for a better night sleep, but to avoid blockages, they were truly innovative in adding a filament inside the tubing meaning it is designed to allow the flow to continue, even when kinked or compressed during sleep.  

Someone once said that going to empty their bag in the morning felt like a ‘walk of shame’. This stuck with the team and led to the innovation of having the box convert into a discreet, stylish drainage bag stand to provide something truly meaningful.

“We knew we got it right when we saw the overwhelming reaction from one patient”.

One patient who tried this fed back that it had given her the confidence to go and enjoy life again. She could stay over at friends’ houses and go away at weekends without worrying about carrying her night drainage bag and it being visible at the side of the bed.

“The new product design really represents the core values of salts”.

Our vision at salts is ‘caring, listening and innovating to improve lives’ and we have embodied this in the development of this new solution. We have collaborated both internally and externally, giving everyone a voice.

"It’s doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do."


If you’re interested in trying the product, you can order a sample here.

Watch ‘The Innovation Story’ video below:

This interview has been made available by Salts Healthcare for informative purposes only. 


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