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Salts Healthcare celebrates Earth Month 2023

On 22nd April we will celebrate Earth Day - a very important day for our planet. However, here at Salts Healthcare, we have decided to dedicate the whole month to it, turning April into Earth Month.  Each week of April, we will be sharing interesting information across the business on what we can all do to help our planet and the environment.

Lessening our impact on the environment is something extremely important to us here at Salts Healthcare, and a focus for all teams.  Our commitment is defined by our Green Promise: our mission to make ongoing improvements in every way possible.

In the first week of the month, we are looking at the environmental impact of the internet:

  • The internet accounts for 10% of global electricity demand, and it may rise to 20% by 2030
  • The internet is responsible for around 1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions per year – that’s about 2% of total world emissions (that is the same as emissions from the aviation industry)
  • 1 sent email generates around 1g of CO2 emissions

You might wonder how something so little and simple as internet browsing or sending an email can generate so many emissions.  Most of the emissions come from the devices that we use (laptops, smartphones etc) and devices used to run and connect the internet (satellites, cables, data centres etc) – their production and energy usage.  Individual online actions can have a small carbon footprint, but with overall 4.9 billion internet users, the effect is huge.  So we are encouraging employees to switch to Ecosia – a search engine which uses 80% of its ad revenue to plant trees. Currently, almost 20 million active users have helped to plant 169,000,000 trees in 35 countries!

In the coming weeks we will be looking at reducing our individual carbon footprints by using more sustainable methods of travel, such as: public transport, cycling, car pooling and more sustainable driving using eco-safe methods.

We will also be taking part in a quiz on environmental matters, sharing some very simple ‘acts of green’ that we can all do day-to-day to help reduce our impact on the environment.


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