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Our focus on your well-being: Physical well-being

At Salts Healthcare, we take a holistic approach in supporting people with a stoma. That’s why we created our 5 pillars of wellbeing, to really ensure all aspects of your wellbeing are thought of and supported. These are: Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Psychosocial and Sleep.

In general life, maintaining physical wellbeing is an essential aspect of leading a fulfilling and balanced life – but this can be made to be even more challenging after stoma surgery and adapting to your life with an ostomy due to both the physical and mental toll it takes on you.

Sometimes, people need support in different areas of wellbeing, or a little inspiration. We’ve collated list of resources that we hope might help:


Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation are less strenuous exercises, but enjoyable! The physical exercise helps improve strength, balance and flexibility whilst boosting mood, energy and reducing stress. Some resources are:

  • My Life Tonic: In-person and online yoga classes for all levels. My Life Tonic | Lives Classes, On Demand Videos, Life Tips.(
  • Great fitness anywhere: Yoga, HIIT, meditation Down Dog | Great Yoga Anywhere (
  • Chair yoga in 5 minutes: (


The Great Outdoors

Being outdoors has been shown to lower the heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels whilst increasing your general mood and mental health. Here are some things you can get up to:

  • Get running with Couch to 5K: Get running with Couch to 5K – NHS (
  • Map my walk app: Find walking and running routes your area, and track your distances. (



Though working out can seem daunting and not enjoyable for many people, it’s actually proven to decrease stress hormones, whilst physically looking after your body – overall improving all aspects of your well-being. Here are some to consider:

  • Fun and Gains podcast: (
  • Fitness Blender: Workouts, programs, healthy recipes, relaxing medications. (
  • Own Your Goals Davina (app and podcast): Davina McCall’s fitness platform featuring workouts, classes, and recipes. (


General exercise

For those less familiar with exercise and working out, there are more generalised options and resources to help ease you into it!

  • NHS Exercise guidelines and workouts: Exercise – NHS (
  • Joe Wicks YouTube Channel – Huge variety of different content, levels and types of exercise, as well as recipes.(



  • Time to splash about: (


Nurturing your physical wellbeing is a journey – whilst commitment is important, it’s also important to do what you like doing and enjoy it! By incorporating more exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and prioritising your wellbeing – you can achieve healthier physical wellbeing.

Remember that everyone’s journey and timelines are different, so listen to your body, and ensure you speak to your Stoma Care Nurse before trying anything you’re unsure of!


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