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Nathan on Physical Well-Being

Nathan is a brand advocate of ours at Salts Healthcare. He’s lived with an ileostomy since 17 after being given just hours to live. Nathan is now 32 and thriving – and shares how positive physical wellbeing has helped him along his journey!

What does physical wellbeing mean to you?

It is the foundation of every day. I feel stagnant when I haven’t worked out or moved my body much.

Have you had to stop any activity due to your stoma?

I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to swim, run, climb – everything that a ‘normal’ person could do, but I can do the lot! But I do now listen to my body more (which isn’t a bad thing).

How are things easier for you?

Having my ileostomy has made me appreciate my body more.

And now I don’t have to constantly look for the nearest toilet, I’m much more in control!

Which activities do you enjoy?

I absolutely love walking, HIIT, weight training and a big part of keeping myself sane is yoga! Exercise helps me see how far I have come from being two hours from death! I love seeing improvements and what I need to work on more, all with a stoma bag.

What do you love about yoga?

When I get on my mat, it’s all about me. The world is so fast paced, yoga helps me to relax and focus on my positivity.

How do you feel when you’ve achieved an incredible feat?

Climbing Scafell Pike and Snowdon are two things that I would never have done before my stoma. I’m usually really hard on myself but now I feel so proud of myself and what my body can do.

Why is physical activity important?

I used to doubt that ‘You feel so much better after a workout’ but without ‘positive’ exercise, I would still be in that dark hole I found myself in after surgery

Do any of your activities feel different with a stoma bag?

Apart from occasionally checking my stoma, the bag doesn’t get in my way! You can empty a Confidence BE® bag on the go which helps, especially when hiking.

Does having a choice of colour help you be more physical?

I use black Confidence BE® bags and remember putting one on for the first time, I will never forget it.

I looked at myself and thought… wow, Confidence BE® makes me feel human, sexy even.

The colour, the material, the design, it’s everything a modern stoma bag should be. I cannot thank Salts enough.

Does the style of the bag help?

The style of the bag is perfect. It’s discreet, well-made and holds a lot of waste. I absolutely love that I don’t see my waste! The clever little window is great for when I’m changing my bag. The mechanism makes emptying quick, it’s easy to clean… it’s a win all round.

Confidence BE® has changed my fitness, my confidence, and my life.

Nathan is a prime example of just how much physical activity can impact your wellbeing overall, and how his stoma and bag hasn’t stopped him getting to this point. If you have a wellbeing journey you’d like to share, you can get in touch with us here


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