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Meet Cali - our first 4 legged customer!

Our first 4 legged customer!

We were delighted to hear that our Salts Stoma Collars had really helped out a customer in Australia.  We were even more thrilled to find out this customer was a dog named Cali!  It is very rare indeed for a dog to have a stoma created, but it is sometimes a ‘last resort’ for some dogs.  Cali is one of those dogs and here is her story ….

Cali has been a best friend to her owner Sarah for 10 and a half years and has represented Australia at the World Agility Championships.  So, when she became gravely ill, Sarah wanted to try her best to save Cali.  She was driven five hours away to a specialist vet clinic where, unfortunately, a ruptured bowel was not diagnosed until serious damage had been done and sepsis had set in.  After failed surgery to repair it, Sarah asked if they would consider creating a stoma to save Cali's life. The surgeon was very hesitant, saying that a dog couldn't go for walks with a stoma, couldn't swim in the pool, couldn't run with other doggy friends etc.  However, she eventually agreed to try the operation.

Thankfully, Cali has proven to everyone that a dog can happily live with a stoma and enjoy all aspects of life.  She still sleeps on Sarah’s bed every night, rounds up sheep when she’s on farms, swims at the beach and chases the ball.  A year and 3 months on from the operation and Sarah says they certainly make sure they appreciate and enjoy every minute together.  “It has been a huge learning curve, working out what works for Cali and what doesn't.  She doesn't wear a regular bag like a human, the adhesive and removal became difficult on a dog’s hairy coat.  Therefore, I have created my own design where she uses two pots a day that have a rubber sealed lid with a hole for the stoma. One is taken off and the other put on: a process that only takes seconds and does not involve removing sticky adhesive from her skin.  In order to make the pots work, Salts Stoma Collars were a game changer.  Each collar lasts 2-3 days and ensures that all of her bowel output ends up in the small pot with absolutely no leaks or skin burning.”   

Cali still works as an assistance dog for Sarah and attends all of her hospital visits on a regular basis. The bond between the two is truly remarkable, and Sarah realises that not every dog would be happy wearing a band around their waist.  However, Cali who is super relaxed doesn't even notice it.  Sarah told us: “If it wasn't for the Salts Stoma Collars, Cali's operation would not had been a success.”


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