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In Conversation With: Tim, Laura and Kev

Tim has two stomas: a urostomy and an ileostomy following total pelvic exenteration in August 2019 after Tim was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Laura also has two stomas: a urostomy and a colostomy, also formed during a total pelvic exenteration in 2017, following a bladder cancer diagnosis. Kev has a urostomy which was formed due to bladder cancer in 2015.

Our three advocates met up to discuss their journeys, their psychological well-being and how Confidence BE® has helped to support them. Below is a short section from their conversation, but you can watch the full length video here, and also view their individual stories in their own blog posts.

You can find links to each individual's blog post below:

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How has having a Stoma(s) impacted your well-being?

Tim: “A lot of people talk about well-being...

...For me my well-being is the chance to re-live my life, have a second bite at the cherry. I am really focused on spending my time now on the things I really enjoy, whether it be walking, driving, helping on the stoma support line…all these things are what I want to do and these contribute towards my well-being.”

Laura: “It’s six years since my surgery and I rarely ask ‘why me?'...

...When I do have a bad day I ask why I have all these extra things to do and carry but, on the whole, I’m a positive person and I can say that I’m very proud of my achievements. I think this is one of the reasons I want to help make the journey easier for others. I volunteer for a blood cancer charity and have supported lots of people on their journey and this means a lot to me. I get very emotional when I’ve been able to make a difference for someone else. I’m often asked what does having a stoma mean to me. It means lots of things. Firstly I’m still here. I’m not disabled but I have a hidden disability. I can go to a party at night or go to a work event.”

Kev: “Having a stoma also gives you a different perspective on life...

...I’m on my second life now and it’s very easy to say you should fill every daylight hour with different experiences but I want to just be chilled. Having a stoma has done that. I’ve never really thought I’ve had mental health problems but it’s the little things that improve your life. I know now when to rest, to stop and let others take the strain even though I initially found this hard to do.”



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