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Expression Through Poetry

One of our Salts Medilink® customers started writing poetry following an emergency operation to form a colostomy.  A patient of one of our Salts Medilink® Nurses, this gentleman has experienced many difficulties: he was homeless at one stage of his life, has experienced drug and alcohol addiction in the past and has been through a rehab programme.  His poetry has really helped him to express his emotions and experiences and he now continues to do well.  We would like to thank him very much for sharing these verses with us so we can in turn share to our wider audience.


The music took over my mind

The beat continued in my head

Through the night

The clock ticked on

Lonesome am I

As the world sleeps the night

The long tired darkness

Of the early hours pass by

The first glimpse of light

The sun decides to rise

The world starts to wake up

Leaving their dreams behind

What will the day bring

As the birds sing.



The candle flame dances

Shadows movements

On the walls of reality

A candle of hope for the future

A candle flame for my friends

That have gone

On the hard road of life

I remember them

Now and then

Good times gone by

Sadness in my eyes.



Two years on the streets

Using my wit, eyes and feet

A beggar and a street poet

I went to so many places

They all blur together

So many people characters

Walking, hitchhiking, jumping trains

Many cities, towns, coastlines

Drinkers, junkies dying the slow death

Lost some friends

I know hunger, despair and freedom without a care

Walking down the main drag

On pay day happy and drunk

Hitchhiking home then south again

Up and down the blue vein motorways

The hardest two years

And the best two years of my life

Not knowing what’s down life’s road

Or round the next corner

Walking at night for miles and miles

Under a beautiful star filled sky

Waiting for morning sunlight

Restless in my bones, time to move on again

Seen so many things while drifting

In the systems day dream

A nomadic way of life with freedom in my eyes.



Hello goodbye

A pat on the back

Or a poke in the eye

Have a slice of life’s reality pie

Live die

Smile cry

Walk run fly

In the blue sky

Open your mind

Travel inside

Don’t forget to read the guide

Don’t cross over the fine line

Insanity is what you will find

Naked emotions in the mind

A network of memories

And the passage of time.


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