Safety Data Sheets

Download any of our Safety Data Sheets below:

Name Format  
Confidence® BE PDF: 378k Download
Confidence® BE Soft Convex PDF: 248k Download
Confidence Natural PDF: 1.9Mb Download
Confidence Natural Advance closed and drainable PDF: 250k Download
Confidence Natural Advance Urostomy PDF: 191k Download
Confidence Comfort Neonatal PDF: 185k Download
Confidence Comfort paediatric with flexifit PDF: 193k Download
Salts Conformable Seals PDF: 75k Download
Salts Stoma Collar PDF: 131k Download
Salts Odour Eliminating Spray PDF: 223k Download
Harmony Duo Convex With Flexifit Aloe Flange PDF: 156k Download
Harmony Duo Flange PDF: 91k Download
Harmony Duo With Flexifit Aloe Flange PDF: 92k Download
Salts No Roma PDF: 2.9Mb Download
Salts Barrier Film Wipes  PDF: 83k Download
Salts Flange Extender PDF: 77k Download
Salts Flange Extender with Aloe PDF: 243k Download
Salts Mouldable Seals PDF: 77k Download
Salts No-Sting Stoma Paste  PDF: 180k Download
Salts Stoma Paste PDF: 3.9Mb Download
Salts Adhesive Remover Wipe PDF: 83k Download
Salts Adhesive Remover Aerosol PDF: 98k Download
Salts Healthcare ostomy pouches PDF: 2.1Mb Download