Meet the people who can help you

Whatever your size, shape or stoma type, Salts has the perfect solution for you. Meet some of the people who use or recommend Salts products every day and discover the huge support network available to ostomists through Salts and Medilink. Talking to people who understand the challenges you face can make a real difference to your confidence.

Learn how to live with a colostomy How to overcome a urostomy How to work around an ileostomy Let me help by providing answers to your questions.

A big day out that's full of surprises

Every event will be packed full of interesting and helpful information, hints and tips for ostomists. Come along and see the latest range of Salts Healthcare products – we really do have a product for everyone, whether you use a one-piece or two-piece, flat wafer or convex product. 
See if there is an event happening near you and call soon to book your place. More events will follow later in the year.

Call Freepone 0800 028 2144 or 0800 626388 (Scotland only) to book your place.
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