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Red, sore and itchy skin could be a thing of the past, thanks to a novel product from Salts Healthcare. Dermacol® is a unique stoma collar that helps to provide a leakproof barrier around the base of the stoma, helping to prevent output from coming into contact with the skin.

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Skin-friendly Hydrocolloid

Our research into hydrocolloids is recognised by the British Skin Foundation. The hydrocolloid used for Dermacol® has been specially selected to give a high tack/quick grab onto the skin, and to be very soft and flexible, without causing skin irritation. The washer has a clear release film, clearly marked with the product code, and includes a thumb tab for easy removal.

Optimum Size And Height

The exact height of the collar has been carefully selected, following extensive user assessments.
Dermacol® can be used on stomas that are very slightly oval (the difference between width and height should be no more than 6mm), but should be used with caution on retracted stomas.

Soft and Flexible Collar

Thin and flexible, the Dermacol® stoma collar moves with the body as you bend, twist and turn, staying in contact with the stoma. The unique collar is made from Alphathane®, a new patented polyurethane formulated to resist the output from ileostomies. The Dermacol® collar is extremely soft and pliable. In fact, the collar stretches proportionately to three times its own diameter. This allows for normal peristaltic movement of the stoma.

Easy Application

There are two easy ways to use Dermacol®, whether a one-piece pouch or a two-piece system is used. Dermacol® can be attached to the skin first, then the pouch put on in the usual way. Or the collar can be attached to the pouch first (or attached to the flange first for two-piece users), then both fitted around the stoma. Dermacol® is easy to remove and comes away with the pouch or flange when they are changed.
17mm – 20mm DC20 30
21mm – 23mm DC23 30
24mm – 26mm DC26 30
27mm – 29mm DC29 30
30mm – 32mm DC32 30
33mm – 35mm DC35 30
36mm – 38mm DC38 30
39mm – 41mm DC41 30

Measuring the stoma

The collar has been designed to help prevent pouch contents from touching the skin around the stoma. The collar part needs to fit securely around the stoma but should not be too tight. If the collar material is too tight or too loose, this may indicate an incorrectly fitting Dermacol® collar. See the diagrams below.

How to use the Dermacol® Stoma Collar size guide

Our simple colour coded measuring guide has been designed to make it simple to easily find the correct Dermacol® Stoma Collar product. The collar sizes have been designed to accommodate a range of stoma sizes within each product code, as shown in the table.
When the two edges of the size guide are slightly touching the stoma, stop. Then read the collar number from the chart: this is the ideal collar size. The stoma size should be checked regularly.