Urostomy with stents

When will my urostomy start to work?

You will notice that your urostomy will work as soon as it is formed and also that you have no control or sensation over when you pass urine. Initially, your urine may have a slight red colour to it – this is nothing to worry about and it will quickly return to normal. You may also notice some mucus in your urine or around your stoma.

All of this is normal and is to be expected.

Your urostomy will produce a small amount of urine every few seconds, but this can vary. It is important to empty your bag regularly, to ensure that it does not get too full. If a urostomy stoma bag is full, it can be more difficult to empty and may also be more noticeable under clothes. Most people will change their urostomy bag every 1-2 days, but it is up to you.